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How does the magic happen?

Learn how people talk about your company. Know who spreads the good news and bad – and why. Understand who customers trust and what is authentic to them. Find the tipping point and nudge buyers to choose you over your competitors.

Get strategies that bond your customers to your business. River Dog brings the science of the inbound and outbound customer experience to the spark of your brand promise.


People love River Dog!

“As a small business owner who tried to save money while starting up, I learned very quickly how hard it is to learn everything about online marketing. I was overwhelmed and spread myself thin on tactics that didn’t increase my bottom line. River Dog Marketing provided the information I needed in a meaningful and actionable way that didn’t overwhelm my schedule or budget. Passionate and insightful, it’s like having my own marketing team without the overhead. A service I highly recommend.”

~ Lizz Badgely, Crystal Rainier Retreat


Why River Dog

Whether your business is in Stealth, Launch or Expansion mode, River Dog delivers the complete package, broken down into simple steps that point back directly to your goals. River Dog helps you translate your online and offline presence into customer counts, inquiries and visits.


Jeanie Walker

River Dog is tuned into new innovations in marketing excellence, and brings the latest tools and analysis that help businesses create brand affinity.  With over 20 years of solid industry experience, Principal Jeanie Walker has served with every size company, from global, to mid-sized, to startup.

She has managed campaigns including American Idol and Summer Olympics. She has provided marketing leadership through market analysis as part of multi-million dollar acquisitions, brand equity studies to reduce customer churn, and successful product launches including positioning, market segmentation, pricing and community cultivation.  She has also served with advertising agencies, and managed creative direction and high profile Fortune 100 clients. Today, Jeanie helps small and mid-sized businesses understand how to build their brand and protect their online presence.


Marketing that maps to your goals

River Dog trims the fat from a typical marketing department and recommends only what is really needed for small businesses to succeed. If a marketing idea doesn’t directly link back to one of your key goals, it won’t be in your subscription. The simple fact is River Dog reports make the right data clear, so you are empowered to market your business authentically for your customers. You’ll see your progress over time and steadily command your destiny, confident in how to properly market yourself and your business. Plus, if you need hands-on help, River Dog can connect you with seasoned resources across multiple disciplines. Have a marketing intern? Outstanding! This is a great mentoring opportunity for your intern who is eager to learn marketing best practices.

Here’s a glimpse of the powerful analysis in River Dog subscriptions:

Rank Analysis - Learn why others rank higher and what you can do to improve your online presence

Website Audit - Get prescriptive fixes to boost your search rank and expose your brand to searchers

Social Activity - Uncover channels where potential customers are talking about products and services


Why your business matters

Every company that brings value to the community deserves its chance. River Dog deeply believes in the strength of small business. We’re convinced independent commerce could save our world. And we want to help those courageous enough to weave themselves into the fabric of the community. Your fans are waiting for you, your product and your business, but the first step is to know – then compel – your tribe. Call us today – now is the time!

Packages for every stage of your business

These are the vital stepping stones to market your brand, your business and its products. Learn where your customers are, how they prefer to be pitched, and the most meaningful way you can connect with them.

Pick the subscription to match your growth stage. Whatever level you choose, River Dog Marketing builds guideposts to light the way to your goals. You get data. Technical goodies. Actionable tips. Context.

Within its pages, your report is loaded with research and analysis, presented in a simple, clear format that can be acted upon – and always with customer experience in mind.

Your business goals act as the backbone upon which your marketing actions can be measured against, every four weeks. When you are ready to move into the next phase of business, River Dog adjusts into the next marketing phase, ready to help you expand and grow. Start the conversation today. Give us a call and let’s talk about a plan that’s right for you!


















If you do not have a marketing resource, or you’re looking for something more specific, give us a call at (206) 445-3564. Say hello and tell us all about it. We’d love to help!


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