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Build the torque and drop the hammer! River Dog Marketing is your go-to source for digital content strategy and analysis. Know where you stand in the digital world and how to improve your brand positioning. Get customized monthly reports and recommendations to grow your business in the digital world.

Through a simple format, business owners will know how and where to market their business, brand and offers. They will know exactly how to build their digital brand equity. Ultimately, clients control their marketing through River Dog Marketing best practice guidance. There are many agencies, but River Dog Marketing stands alone in providing data and guidance as a subscription report. Clients get a valuable hybrid of automated technical services, and tips tailored to their business — all delivered as an automatic monthly package.


People love River Dog!

“As a small business owner who tried to save money while starting up, I learned very quickly how hard it is to learn everything about online marketing. I was overwhelmed and spread myself thin on tactics that didn’t increase my bottom line. River Dog Marketing provided the information I needed in a meaningful and actionable way that didn’t overwhelm my schedule or budget. Passionate and insightful, it’s like having my own marketing team without the overhead. A service I highly recommend.”

~ Lizz Badgely, Crystal Rainier Retreat

“WOW is the word I would use to describe River Dog Marketing. As a business owner, it is challenging to keep up with all the latest marketing techniques available. I love that Jeanie’s background with big business really guides her to help all size businesses. Metrics are their forte and their simple tips really have brought in big results. River Dog Marketing has really made a complicated task EASY for us to implement in a way we are excited about.”

~ Melody Biringer,  Founder of The CRAVE Company

“River Dog Marketing is fantastic. The marketing roadmaps and social media monitoring proved highly effective. My staff and I received clear, useful social media training. We learned how to connect our brand to our audience on Twitter and Facebook. It was great to watch our social authority climb and our audience build by using the tips and guidance provided. I would recommend River Dog Marketing to any business looking to ramp up its social profile.

~ Donald Watts, Owner, Watts Basketball


Digital Content Strategies for every stage of your business

Get vital keys to market your brand, your business and its products. Learn where your customers are, how they prefer to be pitched, and the most meaningful way you can connect with them.

River Dog Marketing builds guideposts to light the way to your goals. You get data. Technical goodies. Actionable tips. Context.

Your reports and roadmaps are loaded with research and analysis, presented in a simple, clear format that can be acted upon – and always with customer experience in mind.



What You'll Get With River Dog Marketing

Clear plans in simple English – zero industry jargon, just plans that work

Business owner marketing mentorship – know best practices and protect your brand

Digital content strategies that will blow your customer’s hair back – and keep them coming back for more



Get 'Em Revved Up!

Marketing is really about planning for – then reaching – your goals. And there’s no time like now to start achieving them. Whether you’re in stealth, launch or expansion mode, let’s talk about a plan that will help your small business soar. Start the conversation today – your customers can’t wait to connect with your brand!
















Automatic Community Outreach

You’re already paying it forward – you automatically support these organizations every month when you sign up for any River Dog Marketing subscription.



Save a pug today. These gentle souls bring personality and love to any home, but if you can’t adopt one, there are many in medical need.

Pacific Pug Rescue is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that rescues, rehabilitates and places unwanted, abandoned, neglected and abused pugs and pug mixes in permanent adoptive homes that have been carefully screened.



Ryther is a recognized leader in behavioral health services for children and their families facing complex challenges. They are dedicated to providing comprehensive services and innovative treatments.

They guide, coach and teach so that every child and family they work with may experience new ways of thinking, develop positive relationships and realize a better life.


Office Zero

Depending on what your small business provides, an office might be an unnecessary cost. The idea of legitimacy can be overcome with quality product – whatever your product is. Small business owners already have strapped budgets, as a rule. Do you offer something that can be created from your home, and delivered online? If it […]

Social Marketing Tips (part 2)

Did you ever close a deal at a party by talking solely about yourself? Your products? It’s not called “Sales Media” for a reason. Here are a few helpful tips for small business owners who are curious about how social media can be an asset.

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