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River Dog Marketing is a full service Web Design and Marketing agency based in Seattle, Washington.

Circa Consulting & River Dog Marketing Unite

Teri and Jeanie met while collaborating on a web and marketing project. Mutual inspiration, respect and trust forged a professional partnership, uniting both companies formally two short years later. In the summer of 2015, Circa Consulting merged with River Dog Marketing. Both owners jointly own, manage and operate River Dog Marketing LLC.

Our customers get the kind of help they need and enjoy a hybrid of web and marketing professional services that fit their business.


River Dog Marketing works quickly and effectively with excellent attention to detail. They understand the small business owner and the need for practical, affordable support.

– Juliet Jones

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Your Team

With over 20 years of industry experience each, owners Jeanie Walker and Teri Shelton have served every company size: global, mid-size, and startup.

River Dog Marketing was created to stand and deliver on a single promise: help businesses grow and communities flourish.

Teri Shelton

Teri Shelton

Teri is a top-notch web developer with a knack for bringing your vision to life. Creating websites is her passion. She translates business goals into sites audiences love exploring and using. Whether your site is eCommerce, informational, membership or portfolio-based, Teri transforms your messages into action. She guides you to make smart decisions about your website and your entire digital presence.

Teri’s compassion for the user experience and skilled site design builds sticky customer engagement opportunities for your unique brand.

Jeanie Walker

Jeanie Walker

Jeanie loves amplifying your creative online presence and building your brand. Her history of leading national brand campaigns and building online marketing for Fortune 100 companies were always part of a bigger, bolder plan. Jeanie’s long term vision was to plug those valuable lessons directly into local communities.

Her drive to build strong economic micro-communities is the foundation upon which she builds her dream every day: helping small businesses succeed.

Drizzle Banas

Drizzle Banas

With a natural mind for complicated math and a computer science degree specializing in algorithms, Drizzle brings her passion for creative order to your projects. Her layered background managing complex programs and logistics brings tight efficiency to her client work. Our customers rely on her for a range of tasks including technical support, website management, content creation and SEO insights.

We’re proud that her friendly, efficient service reflects the River Dog Marketing raison d’être!

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