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SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Go beyond your Google Analytics and understand your new and repeat visitor site activities.

You could have all the data in the world at your fingertips, but if you don’t see how it connects to your goals, it won’t matter a lick.

“I’m not sure how to interpret what I see in Google Analytics. How is this report different?”

We love the numbers, but we love mapping goals to data. We explain in clear, simple language the story the data is telling.

See exactly where visitors are spending time on your pages and watch as dead spaces jump off the page. Our reports help you make informed decisions about what to keep and what to change on your website.

Did you add content somewhere? Make changes? Track what effect this has on your visitors from month to month. Learn what is working and what can be improved.

Google algorithms are changing constantly, so stay on top of what’s important to search engines and your visitors. Whether you need a single page, concentrated area or your entire site audited, we have packages for whatever scope of analysis will fit your needs.

Visitor & Search Data

Seven Critical Search Engine Factors Analyzed

  • Search phrases
  • Visitor paths and page ranks
  • Hot spots & dead spots
  • Broken links, 404s, and “link rot”
  • Inbound links, social & email traffic
  • Bounce rates
  • Up to 3 competitor rank reports


More Marketing Services

Optimizing for search for a decade

A wrong move could cut your site off at the knees. We keep pace as algorithms shift. And they do shift – sometimes radically. We’ll help you stay aligned with SEO best practices and, more importantly, help you build an optimal user experience. Get a handle on your SEO today.

Will this get me to rank #1 on Google?

No ethical company will ever promise this. There is no formula written by Google that guarantees a first position, first page rank on Google. That’s not how it works. Shortcuts can sink your site fast, especially as a lot of them are considered shady practices.

We do have success by following the rules and making great user paths that have awarded companies the first page, first position organic rank for highly competitive search terms (and without, we happily add, spending on a dime on PPC or pay-per-click).

The fact is, Google doesn’t share all of its algorithm mojo, because that would allow people to rig the system. It provides hints and a long list of no-nos. But the real power rests with your visitors.

We can help put your website in alignment with best practices and recommend ways to increase visitor satisfaction. If your website is positioned to be helpful, to offer value and to make it brain dead simple to operate, your visitor behaviors will directly influence how the search crawlers perceive your site’s value and will therefore rank you accordingly.

Let us help your digital presence shine and your visitors’ experiences be a delight.

Can’t I just buy listings or ads?

That is just the issue. You really can’t buy your way into better search rankings. In fact, some business listings can actually create problems for your website, so proceed with caution.

Of course, there are some industry membership directories and affiliations that have a positive effect on your ranking. Especially if these are sites that will link back to your site. But not knowing the difference can have detrimental effects. We can guide you into knowing the difference.

Keep your digital presence protected and clean.